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The Fast'n Go range consists in 3 solutions:

  1. Hybrid bandages

  2. Fastening systems

  3. Extensions


Hybrid bandages

Fast'n Go hybrid bandages are short-stretch bandages (30% maximum stretch) that have been developed specifically for Self-bandaging and Homecare as their application is easy, fast, and safe.

Based on a patented technology, they combine the benefits of:

  • long-stretch bandages (Easy application and dosage of the compression) and
  • Inelastic bandages (Very high stiffness and therefore efficiency)

while getting rid of their respective inconveniences.

 Fast'n Go hybrid bandages exist in:

  • 4 lengths : 3,5 m - 4,0 m - 4,5 m - 5,0 m (at maximum stretch)
  • 2 widths : 8 cm - 10 cm
  • Standard (Fig. 1) or with the anchor point option (Fig. 2)
  • 1 colour: white


Fastening systems

Fast'n Go fastening systems are a patented hooks and loops system which, when compared to existing solutions on the market, have the following benefits:

  • 100% textile, they are much less aggressive to the patients' skin as well as to the bandages,
  • They will work only when stretched, which avoids unexpected fastening with other systems,
  • They are reversible and therefore do not undermine the reversibility of Fast'n Go hybrid bandages,
  • Their handling is very easy even by patients with little grip.

They are very easy to install on Fast'n Go hybrid bandages before their winding up to facilitate their fastening at the end of their application.

Fast'n Go fastening systems exist in:

  • 5 lengths : 40 cm - 60 cm - 80 cm - 100 cm - 120 cm
  • 1 hook (Fig. 3) or 2 hooks (Fig. 4). The double hook system will be recommended for very active patients.



Latest addition to the Fast'n Go range, extensions consist in Fast'n Go hybrid bandages to which we have added a hook (Fig. 5) which allows to attach them to a Fast'n Go hybrid bandage previously applied. Fast'n Go extensions main advantages are:

  • Application continuum of bandages, especially for lower limbs. The patient does not have to fasten the previous bandage before starting applying the next one anymore.
  • Easy and fast application
  • Reduction in the risk of creating excess pressure zones due to the overlapping of several layers.

Fast'n Go extensins exist in:

  • 7 lengths : 2,0 m - 2,5 m - 3,0 m - 3,5 m - 4,0 m - 4,5 m - 5,0 m
  • 2 widths : 8 cm - 10 cm