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Thonic Bandage combines 3 fundamental actions in 1 single application:

  • The inner elastic bandage delivers the compression
  • The outer inelastic layer ensures the containment of the oedema and the skin protection.

Thonic Bandage is simple:

  • With Thonic bandage, the inelastic and elastic components are applied simultaneously and any side can be applied against the patient's skin.  The application is therefore easier and faster
  • For patients with limited dexterity or strength, stretching Thonic Bandage while winding it up (Fig.1) will facilitate its’ application as it can then just be unwound around the limb (Fig. 2).
  • Our unique « anchor point » (Fig. 3 & 4) will greatly facilitate the application start, especially when self-bandaging the upper limb.

Thonic Bandage is safe:

  • Our patented system allows the outer inelastic layer to mechanically limit the stretchability of the inner elastic bandage, which eliminates the risk of applying dangerously high pressure onto the limb.
  • This system is particularly reassuring for self-bandaging or when the bandage is applied by non-specialist practitioners at home.

Thonic Bandage is less bulky:

  • It allows a better limb mobility than most multi-layer systems currently available and often allows the patient to wear normal clothes and shoes.

Thonic Bandage is washable and reusable:

  • It is much more cost-effective and eco-friendly than single-use bandaging kits.

Thonic Bandage exists in different colours for limited editions:

  • A « less medical » perception of the treatment will enhance some patients’ concordance.

Limited Edition "Blue Jean" :


Enroulage sous tension
Fig. 1
Déroulement bras
Fig. 2
Ancrage bras
Fig. 3
Ancrage pied
Fig. 4